So, I think it’s time

Time to paint my face

I see through disguise

I do see your fright

I bear witness to your demeis

As you fall from the sky

No matter your riddle, what you think, are not safe

Your forehead is bruising, the mark, your savior

I see with my minds eye, the brutal, confusion

It’s seething, and sucking, my time here has quickened

Prophetic, the battle, I wait there, in silence

Contusion is human, your pier, is blazing

Fire~a blood red rage as it streaks the sky

Fire~mercy can not hide my glaze

The witches require, the jealous of trances

They’re dancing, with honor, announcing, detachment

The broom is, still stirring, desire, conducing

Our sun how, it rises, it cleans me, one demon

The promise, is brewing, it’s coupled, and stewing

Ignition, machine like, it’s sneaky, and famished

Fire~christ bunched your hair with his holy hand

Fire~by the church you were raped again

Fire~Our will you can not erase

Fire~welcome to the killing place

Oh you’re all still starving, while you’re all still waiting, for, something, unreal

And you are not safe here, this is the whipping place, the beating place

Oh is it spirit recognition, or an incision

Here I am still standing, got my head held high

Atop distortion, my final days, I rest my case


~ by saraisingvolition on August 19, 2010.

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