Just one glance and I fell in a trance
In a daze that I just can’t shake
Glazed haze for always
Need to feed you, lick your wounds in quiet shelter
I have to pace, without haste
Forever I will wait, just for your taste
How all of time ascention of mind
You set me free as we collide
Slow rocking horses drumming my name
You heard me dance while chanting in rain
Ringing with me you whispered the same
Begging for you, here now and true
I know that you, have carried me thru
Rise and glide for you take flight
Daughters and you til death I will fight
May I lick your chest and taste your lip
Tracing tongue upon each rib
Throw back my head, this way instead
Your breath on my neck tingles me wet
My breasts you are teasing intense you clench
Dripping sweet I suck you complete
Roll with me, you count to three
Trusting your motion you seduce me
Fingers I slide to the back of your thighs
Entertwining with me embracing with grace
You my love are my sacred space


~ by saraisingvolition on August 21, 2010.

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