Kissing His Mind

Took myself for a ride
Stripped I stand with nothing to hide
My hair tossled up and tilted to the side
Facing the wind I am full of mysterious pride
Yes my darling I do know I’ve got nothing but time
Closing my eyes I can’t help but kiss his mind
Slipping past the rubbish and frequent flown skies
Seduced to the cosmos I am tracing his glide
Tipping his wings as he glances behind
Brilliant prestige effortlessly towering beyond the climb
Silent I tip-toe watching his graceful stride
Hinges are flexed and unreachably
Piercing and prominent his beauty lingers deep
Fetal and fine rarely sometimes
A permeable stare he imprints my being
Soak him in laughter I relish in his cascade
His, still and always here, forever totally
Enwreathing myself with his hypnotizing complexity
Fueling desire burns brighter to touch him featherly
I feel at times he becomes course, to keep himself atop his horse
Penetrating and driven, passionately potent
Vulnerablely screaming at my distance
into his well I float
My mind, so far, so far into his seas
My love how I’ve surrendered, overlapped with your embrace
Courageous as an axis shift I will run onto your bridge
Jumping upon my ship of you I will raise my head and dance for you
Devour me with your intoxicating kiss
Find me, you have always been my delicious wish
I will craddle your peace, my tender touch I promise
I am mesmerized with all that is you
my sweet
Your rising stance, all your own and encircling me complete


~ by saraisingvolition on August 27, 2010.

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