My Source

Where’s the source…  The root… How far back? How far within?

Square one…Where is it…Are we speaking of the square root of one?

Digging, Clawing, Calming, Focusing, Searching, Tabling, Critiquing,

On and on, around and around the wheel spins on

Will it land, will it touch down refuel and take flight again

Yeah we’re gonna make it but it takes more than one to believe it will

Standing at the edge of a collapsing shrine sweet kiss in time

Today the wind blows my tosseled hair from my face

My head held high, lids falling, outstretch my arms to embrace an echo

Release and empty, find refuge within the voice of silence

Melody of a peaceful warrior, a stream of knowing trickles into my ear

Soft steady heartbeat drumming

Planting my roots deep within the calming balance of a levitating sphere

Glistening iridescence I’m lifting a raspy voice to sigh with her

Wafting ancients fill my scarred vocals circuiting for me

Reaching and soaring arms catch this rhythm tossing magnetized energy into infinite space

Splendid peaceful warriors, oh how you’ve raised this gentle sound, clawing through raging waters and sands of time

I thank you for craddling my childlike wonder, my foundation of solidity, integrity, truth, love, and a peaceful path


~ by saraisingvolition on December 30, 2010.

One Response to “My Source”

  1. Oh how i love you.
    The roots that bind, so permanently entwined.
    the root becomes a spine that supports our future fine.

    I love you.

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