Lunch To My Love

I got to take some lunch to my sweetheart and his trusted crew. 

Her Majesty, Rig #127 admired from afar.

King Tut

and the environment inwhich they all soar  beyond!  Thank you all for all that you do.


~ by saraisingvolition on May 5, 2011.

3 Responses to “Lunch To My Love”

  1. Oh how I appreciated you doing something so kind and special for all of us. I know I never can thank you enough for all that you are to me.
    I love you beautiful miss Sarai.

  2. Oh what I wouldn’t give to have my beautiful wife eating supper with me tonite. It’s been too long. I still remember feeding her salad in wamego.
    I love you Sarai. Please don’t give up on us. Please don’t give up on me. I love you. I’m feeling you. I want to put my arms around you and let you look into my eyes and soul. I love you with all that I am.

    Terry Strickland

  3. Oh my love, i would give anything to have lunch with you today.
    You have praised me too much, the real star here is you. You light shines into my heart and makes the darkest days ever so bright.
    I am here, a 2 week solo stint, i miss my co pilot.
    I am okay, and so are you, I love you, I miss you and I cherish you, reading these and watching the amazing videos you made of our family, keeps me focused.
    You are truly amazing, I am thankful for you. You are glorious and i believe we are an awesome team. Love and peace flows gently today towards you.
    I miss you, I love you! I believe in you, i believe you are simply the most amazing, mezmerizingly beautiful person on this planet.
    Love yourself with all your might, I will see you soon. Very Very soon, 2 weeks!
    You are Miss Sarai Adel, the most loved and missed woman in this world.
    You are the Queen of this universe. Love you!

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