Willow’s Done

Our Willow drove me to her last day of high school this morning. My bittersweet tears dropped as I rode along.

Flashes and a flood of memories with her over her lifetime piled into my conscience all at once. The emotions I’ve felt about this day are very similar to that of when I had to leave her at daycare when she was 2yrs. old. It was heart shattering for me to do. I had so many questions of whether she was ready. I had no answers for my questions of whether we were ready to seperate as mother and daughter either. We have always and forever had so much fun together. I live and love being a Mom! Sometimes she hates me and that’s alright, I love her enough to let her hate me. Lol! Bottom line, it sucked to leave her at daycare! Although I knew she desperately needed socializing with other kids, because she told me so. Lol.

Willow is a wise, determined, intuitively confident beautiful and brilliant soul.
My little Willow Fawn turned 5yrs. old and two months later she was ready to start kindergarten as the youngest in her class. Now, still being the youngest in age in her class, she is graduating highschool early. So very smart she is and always has been. I’m such a proud Momma.

I know what Willow has endured. I’ve lived it. I know where she’s been and the battles that have tried to detour her in every way possible. As her Momma I have felt the endless distractions that have raised their prying, stealthy, consistent bullshit ways. I’m proud of you Willow Fawn for telling them all to fuck off with a smile of powerful determination. May you hold your head high and honor yourself, you have made it through by following through.

I love you gorgeous Willow Fawn fairy! Thank you for honoring me as a Momma. Thank you for giving me a reason to live and to savor every heart beat of life I get to experience with you, my daughter. I choose to soak in every second by being present within your life. Many distractions have reared their heads at me for doing so as well. I too tell them to fuck off with a smile of assured determination.

Watching you become the young woman that you are is absolutely the most mesmerizing magical experience I could ever fathom! I love you sweet daughter! Stay true and stay you! Safe sound love wrapped around you always precious bold warrioress! May you positively light the world with and kick ass! I love you, Your Momma


~ by saraisingvolition on December 20, 2013.

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