Daily Dose Arai

May 3, 2011

Tonight in our oilfield outlaw one chair motel room that we stay in while my fiance and I( whom is referred to as Tut) is on his two week tour we were busily devouring our coney, burger and tots with extra extra extra cheese, I listed a gratitude list. I was venting about the slowest customer service a burger dive could ever have and how rude they were to me. Venting is something that I rarely allow myself to do, and when I do I usually feel really shitty. So within my shitty feeling I realized I was grateful for a great number of things. And alas the ah ha! moment started to trickle out from one of the few brain cells that  I guard with my life, in full knight hood garb made for girls. A daily dose Arai is similar to a daily journal of thank you’s and a gratitude list. Offering the world a view of what it’s like to be inside my loving playful silly whimsical sensitive anxious worrisome musical magnifying loyal honest empathetic and cosmic few brain cells. Enjoy and  feel free to add pieces of you if you wish.

May 3, 2011—  Today I’m grateful for rude people because they help me receive epiphanys! ;0)  I’m thankful for having two beautiful loving daughters that are so very kind! Thanks Tut for eating with me.

May 4, 2011— Grateful to my fiance’s mother for making me smile so much with her periodic email forwards. Today’s came right in perfect timing, always. I needed to remember to laugh. I hope I can make people smile when they need it most. Grateful for sharing a moment with my mother as well. She saw mountain blue birds here in Texas eating the food she donates to their wellbeing. Elated she was to have visitors such as them. Indeed it was wonderful to share in her childlike bliss. Tut and I’s daughter Willow was home sick and needed her momma throughout the day and it was a delight to feel that I was there. 

May 5, 2011—Today, Tut asked me to bring lunch to him and his crew. Thank you universe for sending me the most brilliant honor of perfectness for a lifemate. He’s quite something. Our daughter Dawn has reached out to me today as well I got to see her dad in person to deliver the messages to him. It felt so wonderful to see her texts rush into my phone. Im honored to have such  Marvelous daughters. Also, Holy shit the magic number my brother has been patiently awaiting arrived gleaming like an iconic Beastie Boy!  Oh sweet reverence of a brother thank you for still holding the geniusity of techville mastery with all your magnificent patience for my insecure efforts. You fucking rock!!!

May 6, 2011—Definately a bluesie John Mayer day.

May 7,2011—


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  1. I cherish those moments and miss them

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